Robin Appleby

Robin Appleby P ’24
Head of School

I am so grateful for the very warm welcome offered to me during my first year at the helm of this incredible school. Thank you, ASL community, for sharing your stories, for your generosity, and for your authentic engagement.
The 2017-18 Annual Report celebrates the spirit of volunteerism and philanthropy that makes ASL so very special. That spirit ensures our ability to support student learning, extend and celebrate our diversity, and attract and retain a wonderful cadre of teachers. With your support, ASL, like the students in our care, will continue to thrive and grow. You anchor our roots so we can reach for the sky.

The year ahead promises renewal and excitement as we further explore our mission and focus on the well-being of our students. I look forward to all that we will accomplish together.
Take care,

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Dave Novak

Dave Novak P ’18 ’20
Chair, Board of Trustees

Our Annual Report 2017-18 recognizes the time and resources our community bestowed on the School in the past year.

The ongoing support of the ASL community is essential to the day-to-day learning and growth at our school. As we seek to provide excellence in education and present opportunities for our students to thrive in the classroom and beyond, the commitment of our parents, faculty and staff, alumni, parents of alumni and friends, is an essential ingredient in our continued success. 

To those who volunteer their time, make gifts to the School, and support our ASL family in so many ways, I extend my sincere appreciation and gratitude.

With thanks,


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