My years in London and at ASL were so affirming, full of exploration and abundant potential, a foundation that made me love learning, a journey I’ve continued since.
— Lydia Strohl ’80

Summary of gifts

Beth Crutcher P ’21
Director of Advancement

The numbers tell a powerful story. They illustrate the breadth and depth of community commitment to ASL.

The size, purpose and methods of giving are as diverse as the donors who give them. Together, the generosity of our parents, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends help sustain our extraordinary school. We are so grateful.


The table below shows the combined 2016-17 charitable income of the ASL Educational Trust Ltd., The American School in London Foundation and The American School in London Foundation (UK) Ltd.

AR text_final.jpg

Operating income & expenditure

Chris Almond P ’09 ’18
Director of Finance

In 2016-17, ASL established a balanced budget where income matched expenditure. An analysis of income and expenditure is shown in the pie charts that accompany this section.

Last year, tuition and transport fees accounted for 90 percent of ASL’s income. In line with most independent schools, salaries and benefits represents the school’s greatest cost at 72 percent of operating income. The Annual Fund provided 5 percent and the draw from endowment contributed a further 2 percent of operating income.

ASL continues to grow its endowment. In 2016-17, the School received £3.4M in charitable donations to endowment, mainly from pledged commitments to the New Frontiers campaign. Our endowment now sits at just under £20M, the major funds being faculty and staff support endowment at £12.4M, and a new endowment for financial aid amounting to £6.2M.

The financial information set out in this report has been taken from unaudited management accounts, as the school’s annual, audited financial statements were not complete at the time of publication. Copies of the full, audited annual financial statements are available from ASL’s business office.


Income (%)

Expenditure (%)